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Together with our community the Barwon Health Foundation invests in medical services, equipment and research to advance health and wellbeing for all.

Formed in 1998, Barwon Health is one of the largest and most comprehensive regional health services in Australia, providing care at all stages of life and circumstance.

Health services available through Barwon Health cover the full spectrum from primary care, community services, aged care, rehabilitation, mental health, emergency and acute care. With the exception of neurosurgery and transplantation, virtually all other specialties are available through University Hospital Geelong.

Care is provided to the community through:

-        Community Health services at key locations throughout the region.

-        Aged care through the McKellar Centre and its sites in North Geelong and Charelmont (Grovedale).

-        Rehabilitation services both as an inpatient at the McKellar Centre and outpatient services at North Geelong and Belmont.

-        A major teaching hospital and its associated services. With a staff of more than 6,000 people, we are also one of Australia's largest regional employers and a major education provider through our relationships with Deakin University, Melbourne University, Monash University, the Gordon and a number of other educational centres and universities.

You may have a particular connection or interest in a specific service and you can direct your fundraising to one of the many areas within Barwon Health that provides care for our community.

These include:

-        Barwon Health Hospital Appeal – current special project

-        Andrew Love Cancer Centre and Cancer Services

-        The McKellar Centre

-        Barwon Health

-        University Hospital Geelong

-        Medical Research

-        Other….

Thank you for helping to give the gift of good health.

Barwon Health Foundation

As the State's largest regional healthcare provider, Barwon Health's mission to provide high quality, people-focused care to more than 450,000 people in Geelong and south western Victoria defines a significant and great need in this region. The Barwon Health Foundation supports Barwon Health in its mission to deliver comprehensive medical, surgical, aged care, rehabilitation, community and mental health services.

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