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New project set to make way for vital work

In our region, 2,400 people are diagnosed with cancer each year and 197 people are treated in the Chemotherapy Day Ward each week, in addition to 600 medical outpatient appointments.

Each patient, however, is an individual, with an individual treatment plan and chemotherapy made especially for them by the Andrew Love cancer Centre Pharmacy.

To keep up with the increase demand, the pharmacy needs expanding to ensure each patient receives the best individual treatment possible. The redevelopment will feature more space and updated equipment to provide clinicians and pharmacists with the best facilities possible for this very important work.

Our pharmacists carry out vital life-saving work everyday and this new project will ensure they have the facilities to accommodate this important work.

The project will include a new dispensary outlet allowing cancer patients to receive the counselling and information direct from the pharmacists within the centre, to ensure they fully understand the medication they are prescribed. It will also provide a better flow of access for Chemotherapy Day Ward staff to collect and administer lifesaving chemotherapy.

Additionally, the current Chemotherapy Day Ward needs expanding and updating to provide the respectful and comfortable environment that our patients deserve during this very stressful time.

We need your help. In helping the Andrew Love Cancer Centre to provide the best Oncology Pharmacy and Chemotherapy Day Ward, you will be helping your community – and doing something truly significant for the thousands of people who will be treated at our centre in the years ahead.




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As the State's largest regional healthcare provider, Barwon Health's mission to provide high quality, people-focused care to more than 450,000 people in Geelong and south western Victoria defines a significant and great need in this region. The Barwon Health Foundation supports Barwon Health in its mission to deliver comprehensive medical, surgical, aged care, rehabilitation, community and mental health services.

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• Did you know that the Andrew Love Cancer Centre Oncology Pharmacy manufactures all of the chemotherapy for Barwon Health and other cancer treatment facilities in the Geelong region?

• Did you know that each of our patients is treated with an individually designed treatment plan including chemotherapy made especially for them by the Oncology Pharmacy?

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